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Pond Safety

Pond Safety Ltd has been involved in this industry since the late nineties, it's an industry that has expanded along with gardening in general, with people revamping there gardens on a yearly basis and all the new television programs promoting new garden and pond ideas.

We are known by many different garden centres and aquatic centres, and throughout the country many of them sell packages where you can purchase the pond and the pond safety system from them as one, which makes things easier for the customer, when they naturally worry about installing a pond in there garden. We concentrate our efforts to provide a cost effective solution, so that this industry can keep growing.

Pond nets used to be known as the only option, however now the Diamondeck 25 year guaranteed pond safety grid product or the shorter term pond safety net solution.

Pond Safety Ltd designed the Diamondeck pond safety system to the highest standards and to be a strong pond guard that would not give way under a heavy impact, but along with that, they took into consideration the planting of ponds, the fish and also maintainability of the pond and also the pond safety system.

Pond safety covers are now a highly respected product by the trade and public because the pond cover industry is a serious matter and hopefully will become a standard pond owner's requirement. The country has become more pond safety conscious since the accident statistics in the late nineties shot up, on average 14 children drown each year in garden ponds alone, we now offer pond safety packages to schools at affordable prices so that the risk is reduced in places such as that.

Our head offices are in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, we have seven regional offices and they are:

  • Pond Safety Sutton in Ashfield, Nott's - Contact Matthew Staples on 01623 438049
  • Pond Safety Scotland - Contact Gary Howe on 0800 169 6919
  • Pond Safety International Sweden Atelje Boanas - Contact Mr & Mrs Kent and Sandra Johansson on 0800 169 6919
  • Pond Safety Ireland - Contact Owen - Boyden on 0800 169 6919
  • Pond Safety Taunton, Somerset - Contact Jimmie Hepburn on 0800 169 6919
  • Pond Safety Sussex - Contact Danny Cusden on 0800 169 6919
  • Pond Safety Cheshire - Contact Barry Ricketts on 0800 169 6919

All of the above are fully trained and very experienced installers of the Diamondeck safety grid, and also fully insured to work for Pond Safety Ltd, they also run in accordance with our company policies.

We now have landscapers positioned throughout the country that use our system for most of their ponds, they encourage the customer to consider the safety products when deciding to have a water feature installed in the garden, they benefit from the peace of mind knowing that their work is safe and also the pond that they build.




Pond safety