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Pond Safety Ltd have been involved in the pond & aquatics industry since the late nineties, it’s an industry that has expanded along with gardening in general, with people revamping there gardens & ponds on a yearly basis and all the new television programs promoting new garden and ‘pond build’ ideas.

We are known by many different garden centres and aquatic centres, and throughout the country many of them sell packages where you can purchase the pond and the pond safety system from them as one, which makes things easier for the customer, when they naturally worry about installing a pond in there garden. We concentrate our efforts to provide a cost effective solution, so that this industry can keep growing.

Pond nets used to be known as the only option, however now the Diamondeck 10 year guaranteed pond safety grid product is a discreet & long term solution.

Pond Safety Ltd designed the Diamondeck pond safety system to the highest standards and to be a strong pond guard that would not give way under a heavy impact, but along with that, they took into consideration the planting of ponds, the fish and also maintainability of the pond and also the pond safety system.

Pond safety covers are now a highly respected product by the trade and public because the pond cover industry is a serious matter and hopefully will become a standard pond owner’s requirement. The country has become more pond safety conscious since the accident statistics in the late nineties shot up, on average 14 children drown each year in garden ponds alone, we now offer pond safety packages to schools at affordable prices so that the risk is reduced in places such as that.

We cover everywhere in the UK even if we have not got a close by installer, we aren’t afraid to travel.

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Pond Safety Ltd are the UK’s premier supplier of safety grids & specialist pre-stretched high tension safety nets for garden ponds.

The DiamonDeck is a reinforced plastic grid which can be fitted above or below your water level to prevent accidents and reduce your concerns regarding your child in the garden, Our work is carried out to the Highest standard and comes with a 10 year guarantee.


Here you can see the above-water installation process

Here you can see the above-water installation process

Here you can see the above-water installation process

Here you can see the above-water installation process

Here you can see the above-water installation process


DiamonDeck has been thoroughly strength tested and designed to offer optimum strength upon impact. Our platform has the strength to hold the impact force of at least an 8 stone person falling from a height.


The DiamonDeck design also allows maximum visibility into your pond (for viewing fish, plants etc.,) whilst not compromising on strength or safety. Our system looks great no matter where it’s fitted. The DiamonDeck can be fitted either above or below the water, it’s up to you. Pond Safety Ltd recommend that the grid is fitted at the maximum water level allowing for any fluctuations in water level. DiamonDeck can be fitted to absolutely any pond, no matter what size, shape or depth.


Each grid is fitted into place with child-proof clips which can be easily removed by an adult allowing for easy and complete access to your pond for maintenance. (maintenance packages available, please call for prices).

Extra Protection

Our safety system also offers the following advantages: Protection for your Fish against Herons: Support for plants and other pond ornaments.

Why choose us

The Diamondeck Grid is the largest and strongest pond cover on the market, being 860 x 620mm in size, it means that the joints are minimised. The joints are supported using an industrial grade and strength support beam, which has lock on leg supports that stand upright like a table leg, with its of sucker pad style foot that stands on the flatter parts of the pond base. We then rubber cap the whole perimeter of the pond cover and make sure its ‘plug tight fitted’ around the whole perimeter, to make sure there is no movement whatsoever, we also on occasions where necessary use an edge anchor kit. This means that the pond safety cover can simply not move, making it safe for people to enjoy there garden pond with the children, without the fear and concern of the dangers of ponds.

Pond Safety Ltd offers an unrivalled level of service which complements the strength and quality of our product. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service meaning you’ll never be left waiting for a quotation or response to an enquiry.


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