Pond Safety

Diamond-net pond safety net installs, safely keeping children from falling into ponds & water features.

Pricing starts from £10 per square metre, the larger the net the less per square metre. With smaller net orders, the pricing allows for packaging and postage, as well as the standard hard surrounding pond edge fixing kit too.

Grand total


Pond Safety Pricing & Product Specification

Call Tony in our office on 07951 804019 to get an immediate quote and delivery date.


Use the pricing system to the right. TIP – please over allow a little excess for overlapping the net onto the sides of the pond to anchor and tension it onto the fixings. (we suggest 25cm per 4 sides) for your Diamond-net pond safety net kit.

  • Select the option of metres for you to use to calculate your fitted price.
  • Then select the width and length of your pond from edge to edge, but remember to add 25cm for all 4 sides, and so 50cm onto the length and width is our recommended rule of thumb to go by.
  • This will then display your DIY kit price.

If your happy with that, you can optionally use our safe online system, and pay by paypal or card, and on doing so we will contact you within 24-48 hours by email or phone, to advise on the estimated delivery date.

Please contact us if you need any further help or advice.

Diamond-net tensioned pond safety net

If you would prefer to discuss details over the phone, please call us on 07951 804019

This option includes all of the following:

  • The DIY safety net kit
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Full Product Insurance Cover
  • Full kit comprising of ‘the net’.
  • Rawl i-bolts to drill fix into firm surrounding pond edges such as stone / slabs / timber, if your edge is not drill-able please email us with images and a description so that we can advise you correctly.
  • 4mm steel spring mounted carabiners to attach the net to the i-bolts.
  • Full instructions for DIY installation.

When calling for a quotation it is useful to obtain most, if not all, of the following to ensure your quotation is a true representation of your pond.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Shape description of pond, i.e. rectangle, circle, square, oval, kidney bean shaped etc.
  • The nature of the ‘Shoreline’ surrounding the pond (e.g. crazy paving, gravel, raised pond, boulders or slabbing) Because the standard kit comes with drill-able fixings, and so if your pond is soft ground / soil surrounded, you will need to email us with images and a description so that we can advise you correctly.
  • Your location as some areas of the UK can be subject to a delivery sur-charge.

Please don’t leave it until its too Late; A beautiful fish pond can very quickly become a pretty dangerous pond!

Call our office on 07951 804019

We have specialised in pond safety along with pool safety for the safe making of hazardous drowning risk areas of water for 15 years, we pride ourselves on our ability to make the highest quality products and making sure they are affordable, we achieve this by keeping everything in house from the manufacturing assembly to the preparation, sales and customer service and also packaging and postage.

Additional information

Dimensions of the diamonds in the net

60mm square openings

Profile thickness of the net

3.4mm pre-stretched poly braid

Strength testing

160kg breakage strain

Load Bearing Capacity

300kg / square foot


UV Stable Polypropylene

Temperature Stability

-50 to +50C

The Diamond-Net Pond Safety Net Is Designed To Last For In Excess Of 25 Years.


To give you a summary, the pond safety net is a high strength pre-tensioned braided net, made to withstand a person falling onto it, and to hold them safely, the product is made by an internationally recognised and ISO 9002 standard compliant safety net manufacturer.

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