Pond Safety

DiamonDeck pond safety grid installs, a few mm below water & an above the pond water level install

Pricing starts from equivalent to around £5.50 per square foot. The below calculator asks for your pond measurements, please select the length and width to the nearest 0.5 metres, and the price will then be displayed.

Grand total


Pond Safety pricing & product specification

Call our office on 07951 804019 to get an immediate quote and delivery date.


Use the pricing system to the right. TIP – please over allow a little excess for off-cut sections around irregular pond shape edges (we suggest 5%) for your DiamonDeck pond safety DIY grid kit.

  • Select the option of feet or metres for you to use to calculate your fitted price.
  • Then select the width and length of your pond from edge to edge.
  • This will then display your estimated DIY kit price.

If your happy with that, you can optionally use our safe online system, and pay by paypal or card, and on doing so we will contact you within 24 hours by email or phone, to make a booking on a date that suits you.

Please contact us if you need any further help or advice.

If you would prefer to discuss details over the phone, please call Tony on 07951 804019

This option includes all of the following:

  • The DIY flat packed kit
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Full Product Insurance Cover
  • Full kit comprising of grids, support beams and leg supports, edge tension-braid support kit, rubber edging cap to protect the pond liner as well as little hands around the pond side.
  • Grids are sized @ 860 x 620mm ‘3 x 2 feet’ DiamonDecks.
  • Full instructions for DIY installation.

When calling for a quotation it is useful to obtain most, if not all, of the following to ensure your quotation is a true representation of your pond.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Pond sides = Irregular or straight edged
  • Shape description of pond, i.e. rectangle, circle, square, oval, kidney bean shaped etc.. (if you are struggling to describe this we have some examples of pond shapes below. If your pond is similar to any of these please quote the name of the pond shape when obtaining quotation.)
  • The walls of the pond, are they sheep drop or sloped, or stepped..
  • The nature of the ‘Shoreline’ surrounding the pond (e.g. crazy paving, gravel, raised pond, boulders or slabbing)
  • Your location as some areas of the UK can be subject to a delivery sur-charge.

Additional information


860 x 620mm or 34 x 24 inches

Deck Thickness (Profile)


Deck Height


Weight per grid


Load Capacity

75KG minimum tested


UV Stable Polypropylene

Temperature Stability

-50 to +50C

The DiamonDeck Pond Safety Grid Is Designed To Last For In Excess Of 25 Years.

The DiamonDeck safety cover is installed into ponds, above or just below the water surface, to make sure that anybody falling into the pond, are held above the dangerous depths.

The cover is installed with the intention that it is left as its fitted and not adjusted or removed, other than for pond maintenance, which mostly can be achieved without the need to remove it, and some sections can be unclipped by an adult too for easier access. Added to this, we do suggest regularly checking the cover as a ‘sensible, responsible and good practice’ just to make sure there are no visible signs of any adjustment to the safety cover, tampering etc.

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