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The Renowned Diamondeck Pond Safety Grid Cover

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As seen on the ‘world famous’ BBC Blue Peter TV show – Pond Safety Ltd’s very own specially involved feature!

Pond Safety Ltd offer a nationwide installation service of our DiamonDeck pond safety grid. To book your installation call us between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Thursday on 07951 804019

Pond Safety Ltd are now proud to have been awarded The Silver Medal Award by the Royal Horticultural Society at The Hampton Court Palace Show.

The DiamonDeck pond cover has been examined by a Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – MCIEH, and has been passed fit for the purpose.

The DiamonDeck pond safety cover system has also been inspected by a number of Health & Safety and Accident Prevention departments, such as Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Hereford and the Gloucestershire, Yorkshire, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire – Regional Health Authorities, and many more, and have met all of their quality checks & high standards.

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Pond Safety System

The Pond Safety Cover System is available to have installed above or below water, there are advantages to both, however, both are safe. The advantage to having the Pond Safety Guard fitted under the water surface is that it is practically invisible (see left).

When having a Pond Safety Guard fitted above the surface it is clearly more visible, but would never require cleaning (see bottom right). If you require any more details on the Pond Covers, Pond Nets or Pond Guards please call 07951 804019.

BBC Blue Peter TV show
As seen on the ‘world famous’ BBC Blue Peter TV show – The launch of the ‘BLUE PETER’ sail yacht onto our DIAMONDECK pond safety grid, installed by our fitting team into the new BBC Bristol garden pond

Pond Safety Covers

Due to the massive growth in the pond & aquatics industry the relative risk of garden related accidents has increased. We have been installing Pond Cover systems since 1999, and due to our success in the industry, we formed Pond Safety Ltd, which has now provided thousands of families with our DiamonDeck Pond Grid – the perfect solution to making ponds safe. Pond Safety Ltd are normally amongst the first to hear about the tragic stories involving drowning in ponds. Tragic deaths which could have been prevented with the installation of our Pond Covers. Please don’t delay.


A beautiful install, set just 8-10mm below water in a pond near Stoke on Trent

Pond Safety the Objective Achieved

We are concerned with the growing number of reports regarding child deaths in garden ponds, our aim is to offer an effective solution to this threat, allowing for both you and your children to enjoy a more relaxed time in the home and garden, Our DiamonDeck pond safety cover is manufactured to the highest specifications and is designed to be discreet without compromising strength and safety. This objective can be achieved and maintaining the beauty of your pond.

This was an install in a pond at a care home in Bedfordshire.

Pond Safety Grid

We find that many of our customers utilise the pond guard for a variety of additional purposes, such as for example hanging plants, stabilising marginal plants as well as water lilies, and water grasses from the Pond Safety grid, also slotting small planting pots into the diamond sections of the Pond Safety grid with the same effect as a marginal shelf. Many people also attach pond lights to the Pond Safety grid which bring an extra dimension to the pond.

Frogs, newts, fish and all animals and pets are safe and protected using our DiamonDeck pond safety grid.

School Ponds & Wildlife…

We often get asked the question, “Does the pond guard cause any problems to frogs”? We are pleased to say that the pond guard is actually welcomed by frogs, as they are able to use the pond cover as a climbing frame, allowing easy access to and from the pond. Frogs also use the pond safety cover to bask in the sun just as they do normally on lily pads.

We Protect School Ponds

We Protect School Ponds

Hi there Matt Just wanted to say a very big thanks to you for such prompt and professional service when installing the safety grid for our school nursery pond. To not have to wait for it to be installed was a huge plus especially as the children have just started back to nursery this week. Having the DiamonDeck system fitted has taken a worry off our minds to know that the pond which we use so much as part of our curriculum activities can continue to be used to open up the minds of the little ones to the natural world around them. Phil who installed the system was polite and professional and left the area as it was found- what a great guy:-) Can I just add that your pricing is extremely competitive and was a major factor in choosing your company. Many thanks once again for such a great and efficient service. Kind regards Lisa Killelay – Nursery teacher at Worlds End Infant School – Quinton, Birmingham.

Fully Fitted Diamondeck Safety Grid
  • Product Inspection Approval for all ponds, private home ponds, Schools, care homes, adoption and foster carers ponds etc
  • Strong enough to withstand the impact of an adult falling onto the grid
  • Designed to be fish friendly, discreet, with no sharp edges
  • Made and tested to withstand all weather conditions
  • Fits any size and shape pond
  • Maintenance and pond access friendly, with child proof grip clips
  • Your ponds can be made safe within just a few days from order
  • Guaranteed for 10 years & we are proud to have now protected over 15,000 ponds to date.
  • Installation at any time of the year is no problem
  • Can be completed even when the pond is in full bloom and/or full of fish and wildlife
  • Our installations do not require any alterations beforehand (unless excessive plant overgrowth) we always aim to ensure minimum disruption to your pond and your garden
  • Our pond cover system can be installed with any pond liner as we use a rubber bumper which prevents any possibility of puncture